Orchid Show Vendor Pre-orders by March 15. See COS’ 2019 Orchid Show & Sale page for more details…

Please note instructions below for pre-orders from vendors:

*Ecuagenera- Anyone wanting to pre-order plants for delivery at our show from Ecuagenera should place their order by MARCH 15th and it should be side marked for delivery at the Connecticut Orchid Society Show. http://www.ecuagenera.com

*Andy’s Orchids- 10% discount for pre-orders. Cut-off for pre-order is MARCH 15. Make sure to note the order is a pre-order to be picked up at the COS show March 30-31. To place pre-order, put your order in the “Basket” on Andy’s website at www.andysorchids.com, then copy and paste the “Basket” to Word and email it to Andy@andysorchids.com.

*Daddodils & More- Pre-order cutoff date is March 15th .http:// www.daffodilsandmore.com.  Contact is David Burdock at david@daffodolsandmore.com