About Us

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The following COS members are available to answer your culture questions and help you with any orchid growing problems you may have:

Judy Becker       judybecker40@att.net
Greenhouse growing methods: Wide variety of species & hybrids

Sam Hinckley    samuelhinckley@comcast.net
Windowsill growing methods: Species & hybrids

Sharon SmithDelisle       editor@ctorchids.org
Under lights & windowsill growing methods: Bulbophylums, Cymbidiums, Dendrobiums, Paphiopedilums, Miltoniopsis & mixed genera.

David Tognalli      dtog54@sbcglobal.net
Windowsill & outdoor growing methods: Warm growers, Cattleyas, Dendrobiums & mixed genera.

Jeffrey Richards    Jeffrey.richards@snet.net
Greenhouse growing methods:  Paphiopedilums

Officers & Posts

President:  Cheryl Mizak
Vice-President:  George “Monte” Sabolcik
Treasurer:  David Tognalli
Director-at-large:  Ben Esselink
Director-at-large:  Bill Pendleton
Recording Secretary:  Carla Koch and Tom Russell
Membership Chairperson:  Mary Rampone
Corresponding Secretary:  Sharon SmithDelisle
Editor, Librarian/Historian:  Sharon SmithDelisle
AOS Representative:  VACANT
Conservation Chairperson:  VACANT
Special Events Coordinator:  Cheryl Mizak
Refreshment Chairperson:  Tom Russell
Webmaster:  Mary Ellen Wilson

Contact Us

Connecticut Orchid Society
PO Box 198
Farmington, CT  06034-0198

President:  Cheryl Mizak, president@ctorchids.org
Membership Chairperson: Mary Rampone, membership@ctorchids.org
Editor: Sharon SmithDelisle, editor@ctorchids.org
Webmaster: Mary Ellen Wilson, webmaster@ctorchids.org