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Join us for a Talk on Terrestrial Orchids with Gregory Griffis

The radiant, peachy orange flowers of Habenaria rhodocheila

Meeting Date: Wednesday, March 13th at the Cheshire Senior Center.  Doors open at 6:30pm for socializing and the meeting starts at 7pm.

The Cheshire Senior Center is located at: 240 Maple Ave, Cheshire, CT 06410

Presentation: The Terrific Terrestrials

For some people, an interest in plants comes from being exposed at a young age, but for people like Greg Griffis, plants became a passion a little later in life

“I grew up in a family that did a lot of gardening, but I had no specific interest in plants per se until college when a friend introduced me to orchids.”

Greg, the orchid grower at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, has developed not only a deeper understanding of the plants in his care but also just a passion for the way they grow.

One of Greg’s favorite things about being in the orchid house is hearing the reactions of visitors as they walk around. He knows he’s done his job well when he hears the exclamations from guests.

Greg continues to work on improving and expanding the collection, as well as networking with great growers and hybridizers across the country. He also has authored a number of written works, and has participated in a number of video interviews as well.

Most people find terrestrial orchids, especially those that go dormant, terrifying! But they are rather terrific! This talk will take a walk around the world to overview terrestrials from around the world, and we will talk about the most common and accessible terrestrials and how to grow them. We will demystify terrestrials and unlock their beautiful and fascinating possibilities. This talk is excellent for orchid growers of all levels, as it talks basic culture of these wonderful plants and offers new options for more advanced growers.

Don’t forget to bring along your blooming plants for this month’s show table. It’s always
exciting to see what’s coming into bloom, looking forward to an awesome show table! See you

Please print and fill out the ID card for the show table here