February 10th Meeting will be Virtual!

Starts at 7:00 pm.

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Speaker: Orchidphile

Carri Raven

Topic Demystifying New Zealand moss

Here is the scoop:

With so many orchids being sold these days potted in New Zealand Moss, many growers find it a major challenge to deal with as relates specifically to watering & potting.  Thanks to many years of visiting Taiwan, & the Taiwan growers’ generous sharing of information, I’ve come to appreciate its amazing benefits over bark or other mixes, something I would have never imagined many years ago when we all first started working with moss.  I’ve been surprised at how well it functions for almost all genera, from Phalaenopsis to those you wouldn’t suspect like Cattleyas, Oncidinae & Dendrobiums.

In this presentation, I’ll cover the important basics of growing successfully in moss, from the quality of the moss to potting, watering & fertilizing, ending with a great instructional video made by a friend in Taiwan demonstrating potting and mounting your orchids properly using this medium.