February 8th Meeting will be at the Farmington Senior Center

February 8th Meeting in Farmington!

We will be holding our monthly meeting on Wednesday: doors open at 6:30pm for socializing and the meeting starts at 7pm

@ the Farmington Senior Center @ 321 New Britain Ave, Unionville, CT 06085

Let’s Talk About Cattleya’s: with Dave Tognalli and Glenn McGeough

Cattleya’s are one of the most widely grown genera of orchids with a long history of cultivation and hybridization dating back to the discovery of Cattleya labiata in 1817 by William Swainson. The genera is named in honor of William Cattley who was the first to successfully bloom the plant in cultivation. If you are new to orchids these are some of the easiest and most forgiving plants to grow, William Cattley successfully bloomed the first plant one year after receiving it in 1818 and that is no small feat considering it had never been cultivated before.

Get the inside scoop from two of our expert member growers Dave Tognalli and Glenn McGeough on what it takes to make them thrive and learn a bit about the growth habits, cultivation, and history behind some of these incredible plants. Whatever your setup; outdoor growing, greenhouse growing, or windowsill growing Dave and Glenn will share some tips and advice for successfully blooming your plants. Now is the time of year when many plants are pushing out spikes so there should be some nice specimens for show and tell, as well as photos of some of their prize plants. If you are in need of some tropical plant glamour the cattleya certainly delivers. This is a great opportunity to hear from some veteran growers so come prepared with all your orchid questions.

Feast your eyes on those petals! Rhyncolaelocattleya Goldenzelle ‘Lemon Chiffon’ AM/AOS grown by Dave Tognalli on our December show table.

Don’t forget to bring along your blooming plants for this month’s show table. It’s always exciting to see what’s coming into bloom, looking forward to an awesome show table! See you there!